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Shooting The Chihuahuan Desert

My first introduction to the Big Bend region of Texas was some 23 years ago when a friend of mine and I flew several hours in a Cessna 206 over the Big Bend Ranch shooting aerial photographs for Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine. Having lived in a land of more horizontal description, I was intrigued by the formidable topography and relative isolation of the Chihuahuan desert region and was soon planning a future photographic endeavor into some of the more remote areas of the Big Bend. Over the ensuing years I returned many times, often spending a total of weeks flying in helicopters and hiking through the most rugged locations in the Big Bend to amass images for the book, Desert Sanctuaries: Chinatis of the Big Bend”, foreword by the late David Alloway. I find myself coming back to this land over and over again, each time becoming even more intrigued with the remoteness of this unspoiled region.

I will be conducting a photo workshop on the Big Bend Ranch on March 17 through March 20th, 2011 where we will travel to and hike the desert recesses to photograph the land, flora and sky in this land of intrigue. We will be shooting the magic light of early morning and late evening, taking respite during the midday to rest or critique portfolios at your leisure. By night, weather permitting, we will again shoot some of the land features and the magnificent sky but with the application of light painting, a method of lighting that renders the landscape in an almost surreal relief.

If you enjoy a concentrated photographic effort, exploring new angles and indulging in some good camaraderie with like minded individuals, we hope you will join us in this exciting Chihuahuan desert photographic endeavor. Those willing to be a participant in this photographic adventure will be amazed at the power and magnificence of this sometimes unforgiving land.

Cost – $575.00 per person
(Expedition Fee also includes a signed copy of “Desert Sanctuaries: Chinatis of the Big Bend”)
Room -$35.00 per person/per night ($105.00)
Food – Includes 8 meals ($70.00)
(3 – breakfasts : 2-lunchs: 3-dinners)
Total cost per participant ————- $750.00

NOTE: Please bring beverages and snacks of your choice.
(A non-refundable deposite of $375.00 is due upon registration)

Please call Sylinda for reservations: 940-454-3311
Limited registration