7 Responses to Building A Predator Call

  1. Pegi Kelly says:

    How cool!! Thanks for taking the time to make that video and sharing it with us. We love you guys and what you do so it is always of interest to get to see how it is done…..I for one really appreciate this… (^..^)

  2. Lance Krueger says:

    Very cool Wyman! Thanks for making that video. Great to learn once again from the master! You’re a man of many talents!!

  3. Matt Wilkin says:

    Wyman, 2 things:
    you should sell these! Also, what camera did you use to make this? You should make a list of your equipment, too. Favorite bodies and lenses and what-not.

  4. Mark Beeson says:

    Greatest video ever!
    I LOVED this.
    Thanks Wyman.
    I miss Texas.

  5. Jim says:

    I received this from the country of Turkey, half way around the world. Very interesting hobby! I like making turkey caqlls, but never have tried predator calls. I really enjoyed and will share it withn my hunting friends!

  6. Michael Maner says:

    I really enjoyed this video. I’m envious of your life style. More videos.

  7. David Lawson says:

    Great video. Would love to see you do a call making class.

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