Images That Define A Career

Every photographer who has engaged in the business on a professional level will, in time, produce an image or images that defines a style that is the signature for that person. Be it color, angles, lens choice, etc. each individual will eventually put forth images that are synonymous with the name. Margaret Bourke White’s coverage of the Great Depression, Ansel Adams and his work in Yosemite, Elliot Porter and his elegant exhibit of birds, Ernest Hass’s wonderful color of the Four Corners region and Robb Kendrick’s haunting tin types are but a few that come to mind as examples of great photographers from both past and contemporary.

A burrowing owl peers over a mound of snow. Canon F1N and Canon 500mm f5.6L lens, Kodachrome 64 and handheld.

During the twelve years that I was honored to be on faculty at Texas Tech University my approach to instruction was always consistent with each class and that being to insist that each student develop their own signature work. A semester is such a short period in which to fully achieve this goal but I stressed that it would be a beginning. I can proudly say that a few of these students have continued on and attained that goal, producing work that is garnering each one a level of notoriety that will resonate in the photographic arena.

A wild coyote howling at sunrise. Canon F1N and Canon 500mm f4.5L lens, Kodachrome 64 and handheld.


I recall quite well some 30 years ago when I was visiting with a New York art director and he intimated that he liked my work for the color and angles that I chose to shoot various wildlife species. With that phone conversation I realized that I had established a style that would define my work from that point on. Various small changes occurred over time but the basic approach and ultimate production would be “my way”. What a memorable moment for a budding magazine photographer!

Sand dunes and striated clouds. Canon F1N and Canon 14mm f2.8 lens, Velvia 50 ISO and handheld.


I would like to offer you, the reader, a selection of images that I consider exudes “my way”. Some of these date back some three decades while others have yet to be published, but all have been or probably will be recognized by editors and my readership as, “that has to be Wyman’s work”. Enjoy and best of luck in your own work to this end!!

Dueling male turkey gobblers. Canon F1N and Canon 500mm f4.5L, Kodachrome 64 and handheld.


A cow pauses on her way to the windmill water tub. Hasselblad 150mm lens and Velvia 50 ISO film. On tripod.


Roll cloud races over the north Texas badlands. Canon F1N and Canon 28-85mm lens, Velvia 50 ISO and handheld.


Lightning bolt beneath rainbow. Canon F1N and Canon 20-35mm f3.5L lens, Velvia 50 ISO and handheld.


Coreopsis flowers in the Hill Country. Hasselblad Camera with Zeiss 50mm Distagon lens. Velvia 50 ISO.


Santa Elena Canyon on the Texas / Mexico border. Hasselblad camera and Zeiss 80mm lens. Velvia 50 ISO film and handheld. Shot from a Bell Jet Ranger helicopter.


15 thoughts on “Images That Define A Career

  1. Shanna White

    Wyman, I grew up looking at your photographs because my parents own some framed prints and coffee table books. Darlene Bellinghausen was my 7th and 8th grade English teacher and I have always admired her and paid close attention to your work because of her. Thank you for what you do for Texas.

  2. Kenard Skynyrd

    I’ve seen them all before and never get tired of looking at them! Your work is an inspiration to so many, Wyman. Thanks!

  3. Robert W Stuhrman

    To say, “I am enthralled,” would be an understatement! A friend just sent me West Texas and that got me full of enthusiasm for getting out once again with my camera. Thank you!

  4. Beckie (Brown) Word

    Who would ever have imagined, that the little boy that sat with his parents and siblings, behind me, in the 1st Baptist church in Benjamin, Texas, would grow up to share his wonderful talents with the world!
    Thank you and know your work will live on as some of your subjects have through you.

  5. Humberto Martinez

    Wyman, your work is so amazing and inspiring!!! Reading this post and seeing these photos gave me chills, thinking about how much I learned from you and the great experiences you shared with me. Thank you.


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