Our Ocean Above

I am going to steal a line or two from the acknowledgment in my 1998 book, “Texas Sky”, and describe the sky as I see it. “….A shroud of mystery and element of hope”.

I well recall a time over 50 years ago when I would gaze into a summer sky in wonderment, watching with awe the maneuvers and churning of those great white battleships in that spacious ocean above. Although I did not understand what made those elegant clouds roll and churn, the fascination that I felt was a prelude to a lifetime of hopeless fascination with the dynamics of a power so great that even in these times of fantastic scientific achievements we still wither in the wake of a sky that has gone wild.

A sunrise that is good for the soul


In “Texas Sky”, “Between Heaven and Texas” and “Inspiration Texas Style”, the images published therein are the visual expressions that resulted from that lifetime obsession nurtured over 5 decades as a student of our great land and sky. To once again pillage my own words in Texas Sky, “…I have come to view the sky as a great amphitheater in which are played some of the greatest dramas know to humanity….I am forever intrigued by the mysterious transformation from the mundane to a show “Which would charm the lover of Rembrandt”.

Fingers in the sky


Through the millenniums mankind has expressed some level of intrigue that has manifested itself in many ways not the least being through early day paintings of the west with a surreal sky and fantastic light radiating over a wild and surly land. What encourages this intrigue can only be known from the explanation of every person who is asked and I would guess the answers would be varied. Color, unbridled power, cloud structure, or simply  the mesmerizing effect of a celestial body so colossal that we shrink in its wake, all potential interpretations from mortal beings gazing upward.

The power of a titan


I offer you here a glimpse into a wildness unparalleled in its combined beauty and potential might and I think you just may agree that, “this is a tribute to the singular most dynamic and spectacular natural phenomenon which has mesmerized and inspired Texans for untold centuries”.



The birth of a great storm


A sky gone wild


Full moon over a summer thunderstorm


A sinister thief skulks in the wake of a spring storm in Knox County


Striated sky and sand dunes in west Texas


An expose' of surreal beauty and raw power


22 thoughts on “Our Ocean Above

  1. Deeann Brady

    ” Sometimes all you need is a picutre to change your whole mood ” Thanks for all the hard work Wyman, once again you mad a difference. Thanks

  2. R Bailey

    When looking for inspiration your photography has never failed me.Your photography is simply amazing
    Our Ocean Above is no exeption …..Thanx so much for sharing this beautiful photography!!!

  3. Darla Sauter

    I am one of the lucky ones….. I own ‘Between Heaven and Texas’. I enjoy and share it often. Thank you for documenting God in all His Glory.

  4. Gay

    BEAUTIFUL! AMAZING! I keep looking at these over and over. So glad you are so talented and have captured such wonderful moments in time. These pictures are priceless!

  5. Debra Boring

    INSPIRING! Thanks for sharing your talent and dedication. I enjoy photography and I know just how dedicated and patient one has to be to get just that right shot at the right moment. Hope I get to see you at the Hampton in Vernon.

  6. Valerie R.

    Fantastic photos!! I also love our great ocean “above”, and I’m always watching the skies for its beautiful light & colors. I’ve only recently discovered your amazing works, and have to say that your photos are incredible, insightful, & empowering… and I musn’t forget to mention that they are all simply beautiful. I’ll definitely be tracking down your books 😉 Hope that your Labor Day weekend was wonderful, and that you’re enjoying this much needed and cooler air! :)

  7. Pat Boren

    I almost hate to use the word ‘awsome’ again, but your photos truly are. I am a transplanted Texan, and our skys are the most beautiful, I take a lot of photos and send them East. They are too beautiful to keep a secret.

  8. Roberta Casey Zimmerman

    Your works constantly amaze me! You capture the incredible beauty of our earth, and yes, the Glory of God, for who else could have created such beauty as to leave one speechless? You have a talent second to none. Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. kitty Hughes

    Your photos are so amazing & beautiful,Wyman,I can”t believe there are people who don”t think there is a higher being that makes you able to film & send these wonderful photos.Thank you so much for sharing them,I also send them on to friends that will delight in them as i have.

  10. May R. Vail Lee

    Hi Wyman, Your great and beautiful pictures are beyond description! I am happy that a friend from TX shared your Vimeo link with me. Now you are part of my world and I am deeply grateful.
    By the way, please allow me to quote what you wrote above:
    “I have come to view the sky as a great amphitheater in which are played some of the greatest dramas know to humanity (did you mean . . . “known to humanity?”)
    My best to you and yours! May

  11. May R. Vail Lee

    In “Between Heaven and Texas!”

    Hello Wyman,
    I hope you do not mind but I found a typo in “Between Heaven and Texas.” Please see below inside a parenthesis
    “His photographs capture the vast dramas that occur between heaven and Texas—rainstorms that blot out mountain ranges, lightning strikes that dazzle a night-black prairie, trains of clouds that rumble for miles over wheat fields, sunsets that lave (LEAVE) the whole wide sky in crimson, gold, and pink. Meinzer’s striking images reveal that in the sky above, no less than on the land below, endless variety is commonplace in Texas.”


  12. George & Peggy White

    Wyman, for these two native Texans (hometown Vernon, where you are soon to visit for a book signing), your photography of the skies reminds us of how the sky was often a prelude to what the weather had in store for us and how that would leave us in doubt of what we would find after the front had passed through. Awesome, truly. Quite often, breathtakingly beautiful. But frequently bringing the potential for dramatic changes in our environment. The storm cellar was a familiar destination when the Texas Skies looked particularly troubled. Nevertheless, we loved the blue skies and white clouds when it was great fun just to be outside, riding your horse or driving a car and just enjoying God’s gift of Texas.

  13. Hugh Peace

    I have been exposed to Texas skies since 1928 and still enjoy the beauiful sunsets every evening and every now and then enjoy the sunrises. The cloud formations are a joy to behold and I enjoy a full moon and think about the men that walked on its surface. I appreciate your web site. Hugh , Blue Rige,Tx


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