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  • Easter Weekend

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    At sunrise on a warm summer morning last year I was spending time in the Benjamin cemetery, figuring on doing some cleanup work and revisiting some friends who had taken the long road before their time.

    In driving to the gate I noticed a beautiful display of clouds in the east, promising an interesting sunrise, so in the manner of most photographers, I began a fast search for some type of foreground that would make a nice sunrise really resonate.

    In the center of the cemetery there is a cross that celebrates the life and death of all those interred within, and in that cross I found a simple but defining element to make the image complete.

    With an ancient mesquite emerging from the frame on the left, and the sun rising over the base of the cross, the combination of layers within the image has great strength and balance. Through this creative process, I offer my salute to the lives of so many that I have known.

    Wishing everyone a happy and safe Easter.

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