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Texas SkyWhether it shows a summer thunderstorm rolling across the plains of the Llano Estacado or a full moon rising on a clear winter night, the sky is the most commanding presence in the Texas landscape. As Georgia O’Keeffe once wrote from Canyon to a friend, “I am loving the plains more than ever it seems—and the SKY—Anita you have never seen SKY—it is wonderful.” Wyman Meinzer observes that “recording the vibrant and sometimes forbidding nature of the sky has been one of the most enjoyable photographic endeavors of my career.”

The one hundred breathtaking color images in this book reveal the beauty, drama, unpredictability, and sheer expanse of Texas’ sky. Meinzer observes the sky from first light to the star trails in a night exposure. He presents the full palette of sunrise and sunset hues, the endless variety of cloud formations, and the cobalt blue of the sky after a winter norther. Most of all, he captures the feelings of freedom and power that so many people experience under the Texas sky.

In a beautifully written essay, John Graves connects Meinzer’s photos to the land and the people of Texas. Meinzer’s preface describes the careful planning and lucky chances that yielded many of these photographs, while interspersed among them are quotes from Texas skywatchers past and present. Taken together, the stunning images and eloquent words say all there is to say about the Texas sky.

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17 thoughts on “Texas Sky

  1. Karen J Watson

    Beautiful photographs.
    I think I may want to order a book or two but do not see the prices or how to order anywhere.
    I clicked Order Texas Sky Now, Books, and Store, but still do not see how to order.
    Thanks for your help.
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Wayne Carson

    My computor loads this so slowly I haven’t been able to see all the pictures. I will, they are very beautiful. I live at Olton and this morning just befor the sun came up it looked like we were living in a bole. I though I was seeing clouds rising up, but as I kepted looking it looked like I was looking up out of a low place all the way around. I really enjoy the pictures I have seen. I will finish them.

    Wayne Carson

    1. wymanmeinzer

      Rutta, Who says a photo is worth a thousand words, in this case, I think a word is worth a thousand photos. Thank you for your “beautiful” comment.

  3. Annie J. Hunt

    Sir: I just finished watching West Texas set to Music and it was beautiful. I was born at Canyon, Texas and graduated from Palo Duro High in Amarillo in 1957. Moved to Ca. in 1960, but I’m still all Texan and the video and the pictures below sure made me home sick. THANK YOU so much. God Bless You.

    Annie Jean Hunt
    Orcutt, California

    1. wymanmeinzer

      Your words leave me speechless. I am so glad that I could bring you home to Texas. I’ll be posting a new story with photos on my blog every Monday and we will be publishing a new music video very soon. I hope you will be a frequent visitor.
      Thanks again,

  4. Peter McNally

    I miss the West Texas sunsets and the beautiful fall days around the Tech campus. Thanks for capturing such great scenes for all Texans to enjoy.

  5. AD

    WOW!! Absolutely AMAZING! I’ve always loved photography ever since i was a young child. I never really got very far but it’s defiantly a well loved hobby. I sure wish I could take classes to get even just a bit as good as the photos in the “West Texas” video. Left me with a bitter/sweet feeling. Thanks so much for sharing. Love it, love it, love it!

  6. Janey Ware Balthrop

    Oh, my goodness! How wonderfully gifted you are! I grew up in Tahoka, graduated high school there in ’59, and attended Tech. Your photos fill me with many emotions—homesickness, joy, nostalgia, a yearning for all things “home.” Thank you for generously sharing your gift with those of us who have memories of such beautiful sights.

  7. Patti Gaubatz

    My eyes are filled with tears and my heart yearns for Texas, my beautiful Texas. Thank you Mr. Meinzer for sharing your talent with us. I loved Lonesome Dove by our fellow Texan, Larry McMurtry, and I imagine I saw Gus and Call in the distance when I saw some of your photos. I live in Mobile, AL now, surrounded by pine forest and I miss the wide-open vistas of West Texas. Thank you so much.

    Patti Gaubatz

  8. Tracey Bara

    This is very beautiful! Your very talented. Thanks for sharing Gods beauty. Now I understand why my son loves Texas so much! When he was in high school he moved to Texas with his uncle to pursue roping. He graduated there and became a professional horse trainer. He moved backed to New Mexico and still longs for Texas. He has a family now and he still talks about moving back there. My heart gets broken everytime he talks about leaving. But with such beauty in Texas that truly comes from God. How can I be so selfish. It would truly be wonderful to see such beauty all the time. This has helped me to see what he has seen. God Bless!

  9. dougsmith

    here’s your bottom of the bottom…the truth of all truth’s…somethin’ you can grab hold of and hold on to at the same time…one thang you can take to the bank and cash in…bet ”ALL” your money on…just as sure as the west texas wind…ready ya’ll…Mr. Meinzer has been given a very special, breath-taking and unique gift by the ”Great Creator” of the Universe…a special ”V-I-S-I-O-N” that no other possesses…we can only witness this thru his eyes…we see it only because he saw it first…thanks Wyman for allowing all of us to see it too…thru the CREATOR first, then you, to us…there are no words to describe your images…we can only observe and admire…and here’s the bottom line___ God works thru people and ”WYMAN MEINZER” is the man, and everybody else…ain’t !!! thanks again Brother Wyman…for ”ALL” you do! keep-on keepin’-on…forever…and that’s a long stretch…dougsmith PS/ a shout-out and heart-felt howdy to the Sweet Sylinda too…i’ll see ya’ll soon…all my best…ds

  10. jan thiebaud

    OMGoodness…breathtakingly beautiful photos.
    Although I’ve spent a good bit of my life in the New Orleans area, I grew up in Cuero, Texas and graduated from Cuero High School in 1959. I remember being captivated by the gorgeous sunsets seen from our kitchen window. Surely a Texas sunset is proof that there is a God.
    How could I be so lucky as to be a Texas girl?!

  11. Joyce Patrick

    Just watched your video.I was born and raised in Ft.Worth,now live in N.C.I cannot tell you how homesick your Pic. make me.Keep them comming and Thank You


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