Thirty Years on the Road with a Camera: Part I

Over the past 30 years I have had the opportunity to visit some great places in the process of shooting images for my files or for book and magazine assignments. The land and people I have experienced have been memorable and have made an unforgettable impression on my life story.
I would like to take some time and offer up some images here with some captions taken right out of my travel journals that I have maintained for the past 26 years. Enjoy this visual journey through time as we head north to the Yukon, Territory and south to Mazatlan, Mexico and to the big state of Alaska and places in between. Fun times and fun memories….Hope you enjoy…

"A bush cabin should always be open, offering shelter to whomever needs it. Thats why you did not find a lock on the door. I hope you will respect this attitude and not misuse my trust". A note in this trapping cabin in the Yukon, Territory 29 July 1987. We spent the night and left him some money for the can goods that we used. The next day we headed up the mountain with 50 lb packs and a grueling climb for a nine day stone sheep hunt that I would shoot for Sports Afield Magazine titled, "Yukon Adventure"..

Slapping on a 300mm F2.8 in the big lake country of Ontario, Canada for an evening shoot.

"I guess its when you live to climb these mountains year after year, that you finally learn the Yukon code and come fit for what she yields. Oh that Rose the mighty Rose but we finally made it to the top, Bisquit Heads and guides alike we sat on the highest rock. The view was great as the river swept 4,000 feet below; I'm glad I came to face the test of the high and rugged Rose". A poem I wrote while in camp after the 16 hours of climbing this rugged Yukon mountain.

116 degrees in the shade near Yuma, Arizona in July, 1986. A total of ten days of some of the most grueling and hellishly hot conditions I have ever known. Photographing desert bighorns with my friend Larry Heathington for Outdoor Photographer magazine story, "In Search of the Desert Bighorn."

Swinging in for a landing at camp in Fresno Canyon, BBSNA. Photo shoot for the book, "Desert Sancturies: Chinatis of the Big Bend." My friend and fellow adventurer Knut Mjolhus is the pilot.

Bugling elk for photos in the Canadian Rockies of Alberta in about 1988.

On a photo shoot for Texas Highways, Yellowhouse Canyon near Lubbock.

Hamming it up in Mazatlan, Mexico after our fishing shoot for Field & Stream Magazine.

Wildlife artist great, Ken Carlson, as we hiked up after Dall sheep photos in Alaska, September 1985.

A pair of bull caribou duke it out on the Alaskan tundra in Denali, September 1985.

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