Thirty Years on the Road with a Camera: Part II

I vividly recall one of my very first self imposed photo shoots that occurred here in Knox County in about 1978. While training for my pilots license I had flown over a large stock tank and noticed a rookery of Great Blue Herons in some old dead mesquite trees. In order to situate myself within good camera range I constructed a blind made from peg board and floated it out into the water near the nests. Over a period of several days I spent over 36 hours standing waist deep in muddy water with a Canon F1 and a Canon 500mm F5.6 Flourite lens, the combo suspended from a rope to insure that I did not drop them in the red waters of this badlands water hole. Although the images secured from that primitive blind were nothing of great importance, the significance was that this shoot was a prelude to many other adventures that I would experience in the three decades of this fascinating career.
Come travel with me once again to the neat places that my camera has made possible.

A tropical depression moved into the Del Carmen mountains of northern Coahuila, Mexico during this trip and all travel into the high mountain recesses was limited. Here I have my camera gear loaded on a Honda 400 CC ATV and am making my way up a road that leads into the high mountain country and some fall foliage color. Canon 1D Mark II and Canon 70-200mm F2.8 lens at 100 ISO. Photo by Sylinda Meinzer.

600 head of cattle were being driven several miles to another ranch in Knox County when I shot this image of the men and cattle about to cross the Wichita River. Canon F1N and Canon 80-200 F4 lens. Kodachrome 64 film hand held.


A cold morning photographing an elk hunt in the Valle Vidal region of New Mexico for Field & Stream magazine. Canon F1N and Canon 20-35mm F3.5L lens. Velvia 50 ISO hand held.

A big silver tip grizzly forages for food on the Alaska tundra when I shot this during a photo session for Field & Stream magazine. Canon F1N and Canon 300mm F2.8L lens. Kodachrome 64 film hand held.

Last camp in the Yukon: Nine Days on Top. Canon F1N and Canon 80-200mm F4 lens. Kodachrome 64 film

A bull moose towers above the Alaskan bush. I was engaged in a shoot for Field & Stream Magazine when this image was taken. Canon F1N and Canon 300mm F2.8L and Kodachrome 64 film hand held.


A special moment in the life of a young son in rural Texas. My brother, Rick, looks over my two sons, Hunter and Pate (L-R) on this cold winter morning along the Brazos River. A camp fire in the backdrop is glowing to warm the hands of these youngsters as they savor Hunter's first whitetail buck taken at 205 yards with a 250 Ackley Improved.

4 thoughts on “Thirty Years on the Road with a Camera: Part II

  1. Darla Sauter

    I really enjoy ‘traveling’ with you and your camera. What a day for your son Hunter and a fine whitetail buck! The moose photo reminded me of the time I came to my kitchen window and a moose was looking at me!! I was blown away by their incredible size!! But my very favorite is the cattle drive. I absolutely love everything about that shot. Thank you for sharing your work and words.

  2. Tim Hogsett

    The shot from the mountain top takes my breath away. Shows the sense of accomplishment upon reaching “the top”.


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