1. doug smith says:

    brother wyman, such an incredible honor meeting you and your beautiful bride sylinda…ya’lls presence at the omni was a blessing and i really ”thank-you” both for takin’ the time. shall we travel down life’s beautiful road together ”side-by-side”- – – ps/ the book ”under one fence” is unbelievable…your kinda vision is the reason books are published…guess that’s why you’ve got about 50 of ‘em…God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit work thru people, like you and me and reveal themselves thru art and artists…”let the horses run”…wild, long and free. May the ”C-R-E-A-T-O-R” touch, bless and hold all you do…”in HIS HANDS…

  2. Joe Philipp says:

    This is a beautifully created presentation of music, art, photography and silent comment that resonates each and every time I view it…… a gift to the ageless, to nature and to Texans, joe

  3. Dayvid Cole says:

    You are truly a Guardian Angel for the legacy of Texas and Texas tough wildlife that populate our homeland. Thank you, and may God always bless you…and Texas.

  4. Lea Faulks says:

    This video is ART itself. Beautiful, inspired and inspiring, both the pictures and the music are exquisite. I cannot begin to tell you first, how grateful I am that you did this and second, how deeply moved I am by it. Thank you beyond words, thank you.

  5. Carolyn and Ron Worley says:

    As native West Texans, we’ve enjoyed your work for many years and thank you for revealing the true beauty of this part of the country. Your photography is truly amazing!

  6. Gary Knust says:

    You have obviously done your time in our great state of Texas. Your presentation of what we are blessed with in Texas hit every nerve that I have felt as I have traveled throughout West and South Texas.
    I sent to my three children for them to enjoy and understand how vast and magical our state is. this will add to their own knowledge as they travel through Texas in their lives.

  7. Stella Carter says:

    Wow!! Outstanding. Wyman and Sylinda, you have out done yourselves. What a beautiful tribute to our wonderful way of life in west Texas.

  8. Sara Spivey says:

    I shared this in our morning stand up meeting at my facility with all of my department heads, and it started our day out just right!! What a way to begin your day!!

    • wymanmeinzer says:

      Thank you Sara…you are so very sweet. Hope everyone liked it and felt comforted about God and his power in our lives. Mom

  9. Ruben E. Trevino says:

    I have viewed this video many times in a row, at least three times since last night. I’m absolutely awe-struck! I’ll have to say this is the very best slide show, in all respects, I’ve ever seen…makes me want to come back to Texas (was born and raised in Edinburg). The marriage of subject matter and individual photos to every measure, every bar of the music is masterful. A stunning work of art by you and Doug Smith. May the LORD bless you for this remarkable gift to Texas…and may your craft prosper you greatly.

    • wymanmeinzer says:

      Diane, I’m so happy that you enjoyed our video. Doug Smith is a very talented man and I am honored to be lucky enough to pair that talent with my photos. We hope it’s inspiring to our friends from all over the world.
      Thank you again!

    • wymanmeinzer says:

      Patsy, It’s so nice to hear from you. I miss seeing you and Grant. You must come see us one of these days very soon! Glad you liked the video, more are in the works.

  10. Carolyn Graham says:

    This is just wonderful. The photography is beautiful. I have several of your books and pull them out when I’m missing my beloved Texas. I will be sharing this with other relocated Texans!

    • wymanmeinzer says:

      So happy you like the video Carolyn. Please pass it along to all your friends.
      And if you would like to receive updates, please join my mailing list.

  11. Dolly King says:

    WOW ! I have watched this video 3 times in a row already – so breathtaking ! Loved both the photos & the music ! You both do such wonderful work – Keep it UP ! God bless you All & God bless Texas <3

    • wymanmeinzer says:

      Thank you Dolly. I hope you will pass it on to all your friends and join me on my mailing list so I can keep you informed or upcoming events and releases.

  12. Dana S. Emfinger says:

    Waiting on download…this was passed on from a friend…cannot wait until the download completes …so I can enjoy the photography along with the music…
    My son is a Texas Ranger….and works all over the State…our love for our State of Texas will never die….how very fortunate we are to have been born in The Lone State State….
    God Bless You!!!

    • wymanmeinzer says:

      Dana, I hope the video was worth waiting for. All I can say is, Doug Smith, is a genius on the piano and I count myself a lucky man to have him as a friend and partner with our music videos. Hope you will check him out and collect his CD’s.

  13. WoW! I love it. This is a perfect example of why I refer to Texas proudly as God’s Land. A perfect marriage of your shots with Mr. Smith’s music. Who ever is responsible for editing this is a master also. My dream is to do exactly what you do one day. So thanks for the further inspiration.
    God Bless

    • wymanmeinzer says:

      Yes, God makes my photos possible and Doug agrees that without God, his music would be nothing.
      Thank you!

  14. Ashley Malin says:

    Thank you for exposing the beauty out West. My Grandpa Marty sent me a link to this video, it is breathtaking, it has me in tears. I love your work. God bless you, our precious beautiful state and the flora and fauna within :)

  15. Janey Ware Balthrop says:

    Oh, my goodness! How wonderfully gifted you are! I grew up in Tahoka, graduated high school there in ’59, and attended Tech. Your photos fill me with many emotions—homesickness, joy, nostalgia, a yearning for all things “home.” Thank you for generously sharing your gift with those of us who have memories of such beautiful sights.

  16. Donna Saczawa King says:

    I keep getting drawn to this exceptional video. The images, whether one is a Texan or not, are tremendous in subject matter, composition, color, timing – I am awed by this photographer. The music is wrapped perfectly around each view, including the pace at which it moves along depending upon subject matter. Just enough “western”, incredible use of the fiddle, it so wonderfully complements what Meinzer is showing us. To me, every shot is a treasure, but my favorite is the cowboy throwing the bucket of water across our view of the scorching, setting sun. A close second is the owl peeking from the snow. For a place that is so nasty, Wyman Meinzer certainly has a gift of talent in his soul and a love of Texas in his heart to display to us the beauty that is West Texas.

  17. Evelyn McGee says:

    I enjoyed every second of this – the photography is outstanding, and the music goes with it perfectly.
    The person who sent this to me is going to get a great big THANK YOU!

  18. Cathy Sanchez says:

    I’ve grown up and lived in the Texas Panhandle all my life. Your pictures are so beautiful. They really capture life it Texas to it’s fullest. It makes me realize how lucky I am to live here. I love the pictures of the windmills the best. Growing up there was so many and now they seem to be so few and it saddens me to see them fading away. You do fantastic work!

  19. Robert Cocke says:

    Beautiful. We live in San Antonio now, but the stark and under appreciated beauty of West Texas is one of the many reasons that the Panhandle will always be “home”. Thank you.

  20. about fauna says:

    We are a bunch of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your web site provided us with helpful info to work on. You’ve performed a formidable process and our entire neighborhood can be thankful to you.

  21. John wright says:

    Wyman , you and Doug combined for a perfect few minutes of our lives.The thing I love the most is that your photos are all from my stomping grounds.I have camped , worked and travelled all of your photos.When I look at your compilations and collections I am home in Kent county , palo Duro canyon and big bend and the plains around Amarillo.These were great times for me. cruising your site is a pleasure and a look into mu own soul.Thanks for sharing these things with us!
    John D. Wright

  22. Troy Lilly says:

    Thanks, Wyman, for sharing your gift and your hard work.

    Troy Lilly
    BS – Ag Ed Texas Tech 1971
    MS – Plant and Soil Science Texas Tech 1989

  23. Troy Lilly says:

    Thanks, Wyman, for sharing your gift and your hard work.

    BS – Ag Ed Texas Tech 1971
    MS – Plant and Soil Science Texas Tech 1989

  24. Ricky Cheves says:

    One of the most beautiful vids I have ever had the pleasure to look at..Ranch raised in Texas and Oklahoma..Really appreciate that lifestyle to this day..Thanks for conjuring up the memories and thanks for this wonderful video..

  25. Derek Selva says:

    I would like to get the video for the song with Doug Smith – West Texas. For some reason the formatted text off of your site will not play on my MAC book Pro computer. I saw it on my wife’s computer and it is totally outstanding and heart moving.

  26. Gary Long says:

    I was born in Texas. We moved to California when I was five. I still have some beautiful memories of Texas and this video brought them all back. The music is perfect.

  27. Tom Elliott says:

    Great pictures and a general feeling of that country. My son and I had occasion to travel the length of Texas recently and BOY does this capture that wildneress. Didn’t see a snake but I am sure they were there. Wonderfull…

  28. Jean Meinzer says:

    Wow! Breathtaking! What a beautiful talent. And the music is just so fitting! Don’t know if we’re related, but I’m definitely proud to share the same last name. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photography!

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