1. Absolutely wonderful and beautiful. The music by Doug is also, he is the brother of one of my friends. My sweet EX son-in-law sent this link to me. I have retired from photography as such, but still love it all. Thanks for putting this together for all to see our beautiful West Texas. Annette Graves

    • wymanmeinzer says:

      You are very welcome, but it is I who should be thanking you. Without folks like you out there, my images and Doug’s music would not have an audience where we could share our work. Your words are inspiring to the ole’ Texas guy!!

  2. bev langby says:

    the photography here is just stunning and a wonderful collection of images …thanks Annette for sharing the link my friend…

  3. Jim Jeffcoat says:

    So my day is completely ruined! This awesome collection of Texas images reminds me that I no longer live in the “Great State of Texas”. Growing up in Midland, I’ve been blessed to see many of the same sights as Wyman shares in this presentation. If this piece of Texas doesn’t stir the West Texas spirit in you… then you “ain’t” from West Texas! May God continue to bless the heart, spirit, and soul of those lucky enough to be called a “Texan”

    • wymanmeinzer says:

      Where did you run off to man? Come on back to Texas…it’s where your heart is I can tell. At any rate, I am happy my images and Doug’s music can give you a few minutes of Texas. Thanks for the very kind remarks. And please stay tuned, we are going to release another sometime this summer.

  4. Ron says:

    Like Jim, I grew up in Texas (Houston, UT Austin and Med School Dallas). I live in CA and get to see great scenes as well, but this is a marvelous production/photography/music.

  5. Judy, says:

    Nothing is more beautiful than west Texas. I can’t see to type from the tears. Awesomely majestic and Beautiful. The music was just a grand. Never heard of this guy, but will be purchasing some of his music.

  6. Sylvester Farlow (female- old) says:

    I love this. Someone sent it to me. But I was quite disappointed that it stopped at 2:56 minutes into it. Was that the end or what???? I think you are a really great photographer and also very brave to get that close to a snake.

    • wymanmeinzer says:

      Hey Sylvester, glad you enjoyed it! I am not brave but just plan ahead when working with these snakes! Preventive thinking one might say! LOL!!

  7. Paula Orr says:

    Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures and music… it shames me that I don’t thank God more often for the glorious home he gave us! Thank you again!

  8. Patti says:

    This is so beautiful – makes me more proud to be able to claim Texas as home — even though it’s not in west Texas. I live on the coast, which is quite beautiful, too, but not as majestic as these photos depict the west. Thanks!

  9. Kip says:

    You have a number of wonderful beautiful images in this collection. Very nice. Thank you for creating this. The music really enhances the presentation. Does the piece have a name?

  10. Betty-Ann Sinclair says:

    This presentation was absolutely breath taking…it reminds me of the movie bridges of madison county….I tend to be somewhat of a visionary….I see a book coming on, just like in the movie. And thank-you for the reminder that home is where the heart is…I am going to go back to my home soon. It is not Texas and no where near as beautiful…I live somewhere beautiful but my heart is not here…it is where the people are as beautiful as your photos…Thank-you for your beautiful gift…reminds me again that this is a god…and indeed there is a heaven… Blessings…Dove

  11. Sherrie Thomas says:

    It makes me cry,it is me.It makes me happy.It brings me back to my childhood.It brings my grandmother back.It brings my childhood home back.It brings me back when we used to swim in the Brazos river under the bridge on hyw.6 between Knox City and Benjamin.The pictures you took match the memories in my heart and the music just reinforces them.The pictures have unlocked the memories in my heart of days long gone by.Thank You

  12. Steve says:

    WT is my lifelong home and working the soil all these long decades have allowed me to witness nearly every wonder. I now live within 5 minutes of Palo Duro Canyon and see it every day so it allows me to compare all it has to offer.

    But, we need significant rainfall in the worst way, we definitely need enough on the Meredith watershed to service our basic needs. Next time you have some spare knee time, please pray for rain.

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