9 thoughts on “Wyman Meinzer Expeditions

  1. Alan Ratliff

    Love your work. Would love to meet you. Our family owns a ranch on the Salt Fork of the Brazos, west of O’Brian, TX. My Great Grandfather, Dr. Charles McGregor purchased this land and it has been handed down over the generations. I spent my youth hunting and exploring the canyons and river. My mother wrote a book about her life and her mother’s life there.

    Great photography. I posted the video you made encouraging folks to consider Land and wildlife management as course of study at Texas Tech, on my niece’s web site since she is graduating from high school.

    Let me know how we can stop and say hello and thanks for beautiful work.
    I”m sharing it with my friends who have gone with me to our ranch and who love the great state of Texas. Keep up the good Work!

  2. Doug Koskay


    Your work is inspirational. Please email details of your photography expeditions dates, costs ect.

    Thank You Sir:

    Doug Koskay

  3. Robert Richardson


    Please send via e-mail your latest info on your expeditions and the cost and days in Texas.

    Lived in Harlingen for five years and traveled throughout Texas during those years and truely miss the state.

    Love your videos and particularly the wildlife video. You are very talented and we appreciate your sharing these videos with us.

    Bob Richardson

  4. Renee

    I would love to know more about your expeditions. I am VERY interested in going on one sometime soon. Please email me with information. Thanks so much!

  5. karl booher

    Wyman, I first met you a few weeks ago at the Spike Box ranch.Have heard of you for many years from a good friend here in Wichita Falls TX. I have viewed your sites many times and can say it was nothing but pure pleasure to meet you, talk to you and listen to your great stories of the big ranch country of Texas. I really hope for the opportunity to spend more time learning the history of the erea and hope to see you again and hear your wonderful stories of Texas life that made Texas great. Thank You.


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