1. Jerry Burleson says:

    Back in the middle 80s I was the Hosp. Administrator in Knox City. Vernal Ziessel introduced us at the hospital and you invited me out to your home. At that time you let me
    take some of your prints home (Memphis, Tx.) to show them off. Was very impressed. At that time didn’t purchase any. Would like to in the near future.
    By the way, we have a ranch outside of Seminole. We have a variety of wildlife out here.

  2. Cindy Waltrip Hagat says:

    You make my heart ache and my eyes to tear. I miss my home of Texas terribly. thank you for your favorite 40.

  3. Karen Payne says:

    If all of the “favorite 40″ are in Texas (or even if they are not), would be nice to have locations identified. Thought I knew our state well, and there are at least half a dozen that I am unable to connect with any place I know.

    • wymanmeinzer says:

      We are working on that info. Stay tuned. And from my memory, all but one of the photos in my Favorite 40 are in Texas. For sure, many of these photos are taken in very remote places. I thank my lucky stars that Texas land owners will allow me to capture the beauty of these hidden treasures. Some of the photos are taken on places where the owner asks that I not reveal the exact location, therefore, when I put the info out on locations, I may only mention counties, or close by towns, so as to comply with their wishes.

    • wymanmeinzer says:

      It is I who should thank you! If not for you and others kindness, I would not have anyone to share my passion for the light with. Thank you and please keep checking back with me!

    • wymanmeinzer says:

      Sid, Come on out to the “Big Empty” and let me reintroduce you to that ocean of sky, and sea of land, where I draw my inspiration. Check out the Photo Expeditions! We have folks who have never even thought of becoming a photographer, join us with no camera in hand. These folks yearn for the connection between man and land, and leave having captured that feeling. Wyman

  4. Shawn says:

    What a wonderful gift you have….for capturing the beauty and magic of our ‘Beloved Texas’.
    Thank you!

    • wymanmeinzer says:

      Again, your comment and all the comments from my friends inspire me to continue to show Texas in all her glory! Thank you! Wyman

  5. carma says:

    I also miss my texas home I’ve always thought Texas to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever lived, and in some areas it seemed so untouched by time. thank you for your 40 and sharing it with others.

    • wymanmeinzer says:

      Thank you for such inspiring words of praise. I love touting The Great State of Texas, and all that she offers! I hope you will stay up with me and continue to enjoy my postings.

  6. Ramona Bush says:

    I’ve seen a lot of photographs, but none as beautiful and interesting as these are. It would be hard for me to pick favorites from among them, but there are a few that are so unique that they really grab you. The first one that struck me was the one of the Roadrunner and its kill. We have roadrunners here in Albuquerque where I live now, and I’ve had a chance to see these fascinating birds a few times, and they always capture my attention right away. The next one that is one showing a rainbow and a streak of lightning. I’ve never seen that combination of two of natures wonders together in one photograph. The last one I’ll mention is the full moon low in the sky. It’s just gorgeous, what else can you say about it. Well, I’m sure that I could go on and on, as each one has something to say to you. Thank you so much Nancy for sending these outstanding photographs to me. They do touch your heart and mind. A rare combination these days.

    • wymanmeinzer says:

      Ramona, All I can ask for is that my photography inspires and moves the person previewing my images. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  7. R.Spalsbury says:

    Love the roadrunners…what a neat bird…the courtship photo was neat,did you watch the whole thing ??

  8. Mike McLain says:

    Mr Meinzer, truly amazing. My grandfather, Jack Qualls, grew up in Benjamin and you probably know some of the Chilcoats too. They are relatives of mine as well. Anyway, I am in awe of your work. These and the other photos I have see are incredible. I can almost smell the rain, dirt, air and grass. I would love to go with you sometime and see some of this firsthand. I am glad you can capture some of the true beauty of Texas, and especially West Texas where I grew up.

  9. Ann Pittman says:

    I recognize many of the photos from years gone by in various books and magazines. To have a good sampling here to view with music, certainly fills the heart with pride and longing. Your photos convey an empathy for the land that inspires conservation and preservation. As a Texas Tech Alumni, I am very proud of your work. As an amateur photographer, I am in awe. Will follow your blog and events and hope someday to attend an expedition or workshop. Love the technique. I can only imagine the thousands of shots and the long hours that you camped waiting for the right light, wind, storm and moment to capture such beauty!

  10. Stephen Schur says:

    I was born in Vernon and lived there and in Abilene before we moved to Ft.Worth. I’ve always said West Texas is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Your photos just reinforce that sentiment. Thank you.

    • wymanmeinzer says:

      I am with you Stephen. I love the open spaces and the skies that present themselves to me. Thanks for your comment.

  11. Elinor Richardson says:

    Your photos and the music are good for my soul. I watch them over about 3 times and it is like God has touched my heart. It stills my mind and helps me through my grief. Thanks so much for your genius and your artistic spirit of seeing this beauty and wonder.

  12. Cherri Goodwin,RN says:

    Dear Mr.Meinzer,
    Your photos are so artistic and engaging. The colors are amazing and renew my spirit.
    Your images are the best I’ve ever seen. Thank you for your gift to the world.

    • wymanmeinzer says:

      I’m humbled by your comments. I only hope that I can continue to inspire others through my images. I’ll try not to let you down.

    • wymanmeinzer says:

      Makes your heart go Piddy-Patttttttttt. I have to admit, I do get Buck Fever when I see these outstanding animals. The difference with me is that I only shoot them with my camera. :-)

  13. Fi Edwards says:

    Soon to be married to a West Texan. we both live in Singapore and I know he is missing home. Do you sell any of your prints? He is from Lubbuck and studies Wildlife Management at Texas Tech. Said you and he are knidred spirits.
    It would make a great surprise if I could frame a memory from home

  14. Elaine says:

    I have never been to the great state of Texas but, your photographs make me what to go! They are beautiful! I have always loved to “take pictures” and have recently taken it up as a hobby. It is wonderful to see such beautiful images and also someone who takes pride in his state. I was blessed to be born in the beautiful state of WV and take pride in my states natural beauty as well. May God bless you with many more years to bless all of us with your wonderful gift!

  15. Darla says:

    Dear Wyman Meinzer,

    It has been my experience that the character and integrity of the photographer shows in his work. And you, indeed, are an advocate for our treasured heritage of the open range. Thank you for your sincerity and impact.

    On a personal note: I have lived in many places on this earth, each with its own grandeur of land and sky. And this journey of mine has but one last destination….. West Texas. I am not writing because I was born in Texas and your photographs have taken me back. I was born in the mid-west but feel like West Texas is calling me home. So when I saw your West Texas video and thoroughly enjoyed your website….I felt compelled to thank you for giving me a foretaste of a home that keeps my heart beating. How ‘land and sky’ can do this to someone’s heart? As you said….. it is powerful, it is God.
    And what a foretaste you have given me! God Bless You …… You don’t know what you have done for me!

  16. Bonnie Flach says:

    I just love that photo of burrowing owl in the snowdrift. You really know how to capture the southwest. ~Bonnie Flach~ a displaced texan in Southern California (my dad was from Tyler, TX)

  17. T. R. McClellan says:

    I have a place in the Rolling Plains and we love to take sunsets! Yours are much better photos. We enjoyed viewing them.

  18. Inge Bogaards says:

    Hello Wyman,

    The West Texas video brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it. I miss “my” Texas so much!
    One of these days I’m going to be on your doorstep for a workshop. Tell Sylinda I said hi Sam and Sue too! I miss you guys!

    XXX Inge

  19. Chris Moody says:

    Awesome photos. I looked through a couple of your books today, really great wildlife shots. Really enjoyed the Roadrunner and Snake battle series. Perfect captures

  20. Lisa says:

    I have seen your photos many times in texas parks and wildlife magazine and have always enjoyed such great photograpy of our great state of Texas. I was drawn to your site after watching the video at Doug Smith’s website. What great music and photos from two talented Texans. My family is from Crowell Tx so I have spent much of my childhood visiting the area and truely love that part of our great State. Thanks so much for wonderful photography. Do you sell posters or photos by themselves?

  21. Lisa says:

    I passed your video Securing our Legacy to my Dad and it brought tears to his eyes reflecting on all his childhood memories in Crowell. Thanks

  22. Hi Wyman,

    My uncle directed me to your page + I enjoyed looking at your work. It is always nice to see landscape and wildlife images from the state of Texas. There are some very interesting features and perspectives you have on display. Thanks for sharing.


  23. Joan McComb says:

    From one Red Raider to another, Guns Up! You make me very proud to be a fellow Texan and fellow Techsan. Your work is beyond amazing. You capture the very soul of our incredible state. I think I understand a little bit of what it means to you as a photographer. My dad was a Master Photographer who was a self taught lover of images who loved what he did as do you. It was obvious with him and it is obvious with you.
    I was privileged to be there when we presented you the Distinguished Alumni Award from the Texas Tech Alumni Association. What a good thing to have recognized your incredible work and even more to have recognized your incredible heart and talent.
    God Bless you Red Raider!

  24. Todd Thompson says:

    Your photograph of the owl eyes is the best. Thanks for your “West Texas” montage. The combination of images and music is deeply moving. Thanks for using your talent to bless so many.

  25. Valerie R. says:

    I just came across your website & that amazing West Texas video… I am just blown away by your beautiful photos! I’m an avid amateur photographer, and my favorite things to shoot are our wonderful Texas landscapes and wildflowers. Of course, I have shot my fair share of the vast Texas skies, too. How can I not? It’s like a huge canvas! ;) When I viewed your Favorite 40, I felt like many of those images “spoke” to me! You have such an incredible talent, and I am thrilled to have found your works. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of your lovely, inspiring images & sharing this website.

  26. RA Zant says:

    I enjoy your photos again and again. I have always lived in West Texas (Odessa & Midland)and find that it has a beauty all of its own. You have captured the spirit. Thanks.

  27. Your photos are magical of God’s creation. Enjoyed each and every one. I know that you love your work as it defintely shows through. Keep up the good work. P.S. You certainly must have the patience of Job.


  28. Nick says:

    Jim and Janet, my dear friends, thank you once again because everytime you take the opportunity to let me discover, from Italy, the other wonderfool side of Texas!
    I love you, I love Texas.
    Thaks very much to everybody, I enjoyed music and all photos of your magical country.

  29. Becky Burdette says:

    Mr. Meinzer,

    I have just spent the last hour or so browsing through your wonderful collection of photographys. I am blown away!I especially love the wildlife photos. My brother has lived in Texas for 45 years and I wish he had brought your awesome photography to my attention before today!

    I am an amateur photographer and love nature and wildlife photography. It would mean the world to me if someone as talented as you would give my pictures a once over sometime when you have a few moments to spare. I would welcome any advice as to how I can become a better photographer. (Becky Burdette Photography on Facebook)

    I will be visiting your site often! Thanks for the breathtaking views of Texas!


    Becky Burdette
    Baxter, TN

  30. Donna P. Marshall-Knowles says:

    I teach AP Environmental Science and just received your website from one of our Environmental Science teachers. I am overwhelmed by the beauty you have captured. I am sharing your website with all my students, who have been equally awed. Thank you for your work and for sharing it. Sincerely, Mrs. Knowles

  31. Barbara Anderson says:

    The photos and the music went to my very core. I’m a born and raised Texan, and while I’m always proud to be a Texan, to see these images and hear this music goes beyond being proud. You have a God-given talent and have not wasted it.

  32. Sally Miles Adams says:

    Your love for Texas and your God-given talent are so evident in each picture. As an 11th generation Texan, who moved to Florida several years ago, I am deeply moved by your pictures. Thank-you for sharing with those of us who deeply love Texas, too.

  33. Tim Holt says:

    An old friend from highschool forwarded the link to the west Texas video which then led me to your website.
    After watching the video I forwarded the following with the link – This is 4 minutes 40 seconds of pure West Texas get a cup of coffee and cold long neck depending on when you view and enjoy. When you’re done say a prayer that we get some rain!

    7th Generation Texan

    Your work can really pull on heart strings for the love of our great state. And the music youy picked for the video was perfect! It is a crime not to share your work if receive this link in an email.

    Tim Holt

  34. Melissa Hendricks says:

    Would love for you to come visit the Agua Fria Ranch near Big Bend, a ranch that has been in my family for many years. B.P.’s daddy, Pat, was the ranch foreman for many years; B.P. and his sisters lived there when they were young. The petrographs we have found there are stunning, but will probably be lost to erosion and weather in the next 20-25 years. I feel honored to have seen them.

  35. Mary Goerner says:

    I am in LOVE with your images. That is the only way I can accurately describe the feeling I get when I see them. All of these images have soul, they really move me. I have watched the “West Texas” video hundreds of times and coupled with the beautiful Doug Smith music, it is like I’m seeing it for the first time every time. Always I see something different. I love photography and can only wish that I can manage to take one image in my lifetime as beautiful as all of these. Beautifully Awesome!! Thank YOU!!

  36. Suzan Bernucho says:

    Wyman, thank you so much for making your life’s passion available online. I teach in young children in West Houston that are all very low income and have basically lived in a small area of the city all their lives in an apartment. I use your website to show them God’s Glory in our Beloved Texas. I take the Texas map and point to the areas I think the picture might have come from. Of course, the animal pictures are their favorite! You have made young children’s eyes grow wide in wonder and amazement. Thank you again so much.

  37. Paul Hickox says:

    At a loss for words. I grew up in Abilene and ended up moving to Temple. The weather in central Texas is not the same. West Texas storms can be seen from forever away, and such a show! Thank you for your moments in time that I can visit when I get homesick.

  38. Cindy Viol says:

    My friend Charlie Cox sent me your video–Very impressed. I am a Texas Tech Law Gradute (1986) and have been an Oklahoman since 2000. But I have Texas in my genes and in my heart. Beautiful work.

  39. Cindy Viol says:

    A friend sent me your DVD. Loved it! I graduated Texas Tech Law in 1986. Came to Oklahoma in 2000. Began photographing Western Oklahoma in 2010. Love your photographs. Thank you.

  40. Lauren Staley says:

    Mr. Meinzer, I just watched your “West Texas”. As an amateur nature photographer, I am totally blown away by your photographs, the accompanying music and the video production. My husband and I have traveled through and camped in much of West Texas and your work certainly captures the beauty of that part of our great state. Looking forward viewing more of your work.

  41. Undeniably imagine that which you stated. Your favorite reason appeared to be on the net the simplest factor to keep in mind of. I say to you, I definitely get irked whilst other people think about worries that they just don’t recognize about. You managed to hit the nail upon the highest as neatly as defined out the whole thing without having side-effects , other people could take a signal. Will probably be back to get more. Thanks

  42. Debbie Calvert says:


    I just discovered your photos and article in the January 2012 Texas Highways article (High Plains Drifter). A photographer and wordsmith- a winning combination!

    Your Photos of our Texas leave me amazed and awestruck! OUR Texas! We Texans are fiercely proud of our great state and your amazing photos are evidence for the rest of the world to see. God has truly blessed you with a great ability to capture the natural beauty of Texas. I love the fact that you tell us what type of camera,lens and film that you used in photographing your “Favorite Forty” photos.
    Thank you again for amazing work.
    D Calvert


  43. I’m really impressed with your writing abilities and also with the structure to your blog. Is that this a paid topic or did you modify it your self? Either way stay up the excellent quality writing, it is rare to look a nice blog like this one these days..

  44. Elena says:

    Beautiful photos. I spent about 75% of my life in Texas and now I see I missed a lot of things. Thank you for sharing them with an old homesick lady. You do wonderful work.

  45. Ray Stewart says:

    Could you share where the cemetary is located that is featured in your video. It looks like a great historic location.



  46. Jaap Baart says:

    Wyman, I’m very impressed by the beuaty of nature in West Texas and moreover the way you made your photo’s. I’m also a photographer and have my own studio in East Holland near the German border. My work area is more in the public atmosphere and when I see your work, I wish I had more time to spend.
    Great work, compliments for you. I will send a link to all my colleagues.

    Best wishes for 2013 and keep on shooting…
    With regards
    Jaap Baart

  47. David Cortinas says:

    I recently saw your work highlighted on Texas Parks and wild life. I was simply blown away by your talent. I’m an old hill country boy that has lived mostly in cites( Dallas, Las Vegas, Houston) for career reasons. When I saw your images, it brought a tear to my eye as I remembered my youth growing up in rural Texas.
    How fortunate you are to have the talent to do what you love and share it with us.

    David Cortinas

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